Baba Kundan Rural College of Education
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Baba Kundan Rural College of Education
teaching methodology

Our teaching methodology will consist of two major sessions-

1. Demonstration lesson 
2. Discussion lesson.

Two Demonstration lesson will be given by the lecturer himself or by an experienced teacher to a class & observed by all trainees of a class of an optional group as the case may be, the intention of the lesson being to illustrate any method or theory taught by the teacher. 

The observing students should notice how the teacher pays attention, to the materials requisite of good teaching, to the healthy interaction with pupils, to the keeping of a pleasant attitude, to the needs of discipline, to the adaptation of the material presented to the mental capacity of the pupil & also how he evokes their previous knowledge, the devices he used for this and such an exposition & questioning, how he recapitulates relevant points & uses the blackboard.

The discussion lessons will be delivered by the student teacher so as to arrive at a general principle that decides a successful lesson. The criticism lessons will be carefully observed by the student teacher. 

Different points will be taken into consideration to evaluate the student teachers teaching proficiency. The suitability of lessons, the appropriateness of introduction, the continuity of lessons, the relation between new knowledge & previous knowledge, the timely & effective use of teaching aids, the use of blackboard, questioning skill, teacher pupil relationship will be some of the aspects analyzed during the discussion part of criticism lesson. The student teacher should posses a record of demonstration & criticism lessons

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