Baba Kundan Rural College of Education
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Baba Kundan Rural College of Education

1.  Alumni Association: -

An Alumni Association will function in the college. A registration fee of Rs. 500 will be collected from the students for life membership. It will provide membership for the old students to keep in contact with their alma mater & render valuable service to the institution as resource persons and in conducting various curricular & extra-curricular programmes.

2. The College Association:-

These will constitute to supplement the academic achievements of students. Membership in the teacher association will be compulsory for all students. The association will function under the supervision of the principal. Subject to the formal approval of the principal & the association shall make arrangement for all ordinary & extra-ordinary meetings.

Each association will have its own secretary elected by the members. For purpose of competition in sports, games & literary activities, student body should be divided into houses, each with a captain of its own.

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