Baba Kundan Rural College of Education
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Baba Kundan Rural College of Education

BABA KUNDAN RURAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is run by society named as KAUSHALAYA KUNDAN PROGRESSIVE MEDICAL HOSPITALS & RESEARCH CENTRE CHARITABLE REGD. SOCIETY. The society was established in the year 2000 & was regd. Under Societies Registration act (XX1 of 1860) and as amended by Punjab Amendment act 1957.

The founder member cum president of the society Dr. Rajinder Prakash is a renowned Physician an active humanist, dedicated teacher in the medical profession and an avid social worker. The members of the society comprises of esteemed academicians, social workers, industrialists and eminent philanthropists. The society is essentially a service oriented philanthropic mission dedicated to provide medical care for the needy and down trodden as well as to promote medical education and research, and by opening various medical colleges, hospitals and research centers, Degree colleges, B.Ed. colleges, Management schools, play way schools, senior secondary schools, law colleges and nursing colleges throughout the country in the coming years. All the incomes, earnings of the society are utilized and applied for promotion of its aims and objectives. 

Our college has a state of art campus, with magnificent building and architecture. It is situated in the hub of the city making its approach easier for the students’ .It provides peaceful environment which is conducive for the study.

The details of the society are as under: - Named Kaushalya Kundan Progressive medical hospitals and research centre charitable registered society.

2. Registered Office.
The Registered office of the Society shall be situated in state of Punjab and at present it is at following address 11, 12 D, Maharishi Balmik Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, Pin code :- 141008.
3. Area of Operation: - Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pardesh, Delhi and whole of India. 
4. Aim and Objects 
The aim and objects for which this Society is established are as under:-

I) To provide facilities for medical treatment of needy and sick and activity provide for health promotion activities including vaccination, immunization, and family welfare and to establish, maintain and support hospitals. To establish physiotherapy college and rehabilitation centre at Ludhiana for B.Ph.T & M.Ph.T, Diploma course of Physiotherapies, Bachelor of Nursing College, Medical College, Dental College, Paramedical Courses, B-Pharmacy - D Pharmacy. The Society is essentially a service oriented Philanthropic Mission dedicated to cause of promotion of Medical education. Society will be serving a good cause to help handicapped through qualified physiotherapists .Society will be providing Physiotherapists of high quality to the Govt. and semi government & private Hospitals of the state, Medical Centers, dispensaries research and diagnostic laboratories and Centers in pursuance of the above objects and to render all possible Medical aid and assistance to poor, needy and destitute and for this purpose to acquire lawfully at suitable places plots of land for putting up above mentioned Institutions, Hospitals, Laboratories Colleges etc.
II) To actively associate non residents Indian for research in Medical Sciences, facilities, services and equipment and health promotion.
  1. To Coordinate and exchange visitations of Doctors and Nurses professionals and research workers and Technicians for medical aid, services, work and research in India.

  2. To exchange of health related Literature and educational material for mutual benefit.

  3. To organize projects for immunization vaccination etc in India.

    C- 1. Investment clause:-That fund of the society/trust shall be  Invested in the modes specified under The provisions of section 13(1)(d) read  With Section 11(5) of the Income Tax  Act, 1961 as amended from time to  Time.

    C- 2. Maintenance of the  Accounts Clause: - There shall be maintained all Accounts. Of the trust/society regularly. The accounts shall be duly audited by a chartered Accountant. Every year the Accounts shall be closed by 31st March.
    C- 3. Amendment Clause: - No amendment to the Trust deed/ Memorandum of the Association / By-laws/Rules &Regulations shall  Be done which may prove to  Repugnant to the provisions of the Section2 (15), 11, 12 and 13 and 80 
    G of the income Tax act, 1961 as Amended from time to time. Further No amendment shall be carried out Without the prior approval of the Commissioner of Income Tax.
    C- 4. Irrevocability Clause: - The Trust formed shall be Clause 5 (only in irrevocable. respect of Trusts) 
    C- 5. Dissolution Clause: - In the event of dissolution or Winding up of the society, the assets Remaining as on the date of Dissolution shall under no Circumstances be distributed Among the Trustees/Members of the  Managing Committee/Government  Body. But the same shall be transferred to another charitable Trust/ Society whose are similar to those of  This Trust/Society and which enjoys Recognition under section 80 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as amended
    From time to time.
    C- 6: - Clause 6. The benefits of the Trusts/Society  Shall be open to all irrespective of Caste, creed or religion. 

  4. Appropriately utilize literature. Medical research material and Medical equipment for health care and family planning.
    III) To establish Nephrology centers with facilities for In Centre Peritoneal and Hemodialysis, and Homedialysis programs. To carry related kidney diseases and setting up tissue typing and immunology labs with the ultimate and aim of having a kidney transplant programme for those with end- stage kidney diseases.
    IV) To start a urology program with cystoscopy suite investigation of genito - urinary problems and also T.U.R.P. programme. This would also look in to various ways for management of kidney stones and diseases.
    V) To provide research and medical facilities for cardiovascular heart disease with the ultimate aim of starting and angioplasty and coronary bye-pass programme.
    VI) To set up a diabetic day care centre and start of Diabetic teaching and self care programme. Also to make available diabetes related literature and audiovisual material.
    VII) To start a hypertension clinic specializing in management of hypertension and hypertension related risk factors.
    VIII) To establish diagnostic facilities such as Ultra sound, Eco-cardiogram Radiology facilities including Digital substation audio-gram and total body C.T.Scan and Cardiovascular stress Lab.
    IX) To organize health and family welfare planning camps in different parts of the Country in association with other similar situated Societies.
    X) To establish and maintain Dharamshallas and community halls for stay of patients and their relatives.
    XI) To do such other things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any one of them.
    XII) To establish, take over, maintain, promote and develop Hospitals, Medical Colleges and research centers.
    XIII) To print , publish, edit, issue or exhibit without any profit motive any literature books, journals magazines and other regarding materials for the promotion and advancement of the objects of the Society.
    XIV) To strive for the all around development of the personality of medical students and Medical Doctors so that they may become better citizens as a whole. All the incomes, earnings, moveable or immoveable properties of the Society shall be solely utilize and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only as set forth in this Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividents, bonus, profits or in any other manner, whatsoever, to the present or past members of the Society or to any person or persons claiming through any one or more of present or past members of the Society. No member of the Society shall have any personal claim on any movable and/ or immovable properties of the Society or make any profit whatsoever, by virtue of his membership.
    XV) The society is a charitable society and is meant for charitable purpose.
    XVI) The society will install its own petrol pump in order to achieve the aims and objects for which this society is established.
    XVII) To undertake the Herculean task of uplifting the status of woman hailing from any caste/creed to empower them socially and economically.
    XVIII) To plan and construct the 'NARI NIKETAN's for helping the isolated and destitute ladies.
    XIX) To play an active role in creating awareness among rural women regarding their rights like right to get married after 18 only, right to get ample and adequate medical facilities for raising up their families; and the most important right to protest against female feticide and forcible abortions.
    XX) To enable the women to come forward and stand against the domestic violence.
    XXI) To play an advocacy role generating cells who could make general masses aware of pros & cons of marriages to so called NRI's abroad. This would discourage the further insult of sanctity of the institution of marriage. These cells would keep people to investigate firmly the authenticity of the individuals residing abroad; to some extent.
    XXII) To put a halt on social problems such as Drug addiction & Alcoholism which are engulfing the prime lives of youth.
    XXIII) To eradicate the roots of child labor and child abuse which have eclipsed the bright future of nation.
    XXIV) To ensure the medical facilities, primary health centers & old age homes for elderly.
    XXV) To control the problems of gulping population by inculcating idea of two child norm in minds of people ; Holding camps & surveys for encouraging people for small & happy family and also encouraging the use Contraceptive devices etc.
    XXVI) To undertake the activities for self development of people in rural areas and providing job opportunities to procure skilled training.
    XXVII) To guide the people of rural areas to government grants and subsidies on seeds, Manures & fertilizers.
    XXVIII) Most importantly habituating the concept of small scale industries in the minds of people particularly of handicrafts (basket making, Dari making, Pickle & Jam Jellies industries, & Hosiery.)
    XXIX) To encourage and educate them about the modernized scientific techniques like sericulture, pisciculture, bee keeping, dairy farming and floriculture. 
    XXX) To provide opportunities to the unemployed, uneducated youth who would get a chance to get admission in courses to earn their livelihood such as scooter (motor) repair electrician, hardware trainers and Assistant trainers in animal Husbandry.
    XXXI) To educate the farmers the new concept of farming by bringing them in contact of experts in various fields.
    XXXII) To provide free education at the school and the higher level to deserving candidates belonging to poor social and economical strata of society.
    XXXIII) To promote and educate the general mass regarding sex education and teenagers in the schools & colleges to further discourage the related problems.
    XXXIV) To promote 'AIDS AWARENESS'
    XXXV) To promote education to the Rag pickers to open night schools for the fellows who work in morning shifts.
    XXXVI) To open special schools for mentally and physically challenged and also for spastic children.
    XXXVII) To educate the public in vegetarian diet propagation of non-violence and vegetarianism.
    XXXVIII) To discourage fanatism and socializes the idea of secularism at various fronts.
    XXXIX) To look after the families affected by terrorists and also take care of families whose youth went on the wrong path of terrorism and lost lives in police shoot outs.
    XL) To look after the terrorists affected families in which the bread earners had lost their lives.
    XLI) To extend help to war widows & to help the families of the army men, police personnel's & Para military staff in which the bread earners lost their lives in insurgency operations & encounters.
    XLII) To encourage the concept of veterinary science for extending medical facilities for the animals, they would not only generate employment but also provide animal protection; special stress on the stray animals by providing them shelter & treating the sick animals.
    XLIII) To construct Dhramshallas, Junj Ghar, Crematorium, Phirney roads nallies & safe water supply to prevent epidemic.
    XLIV) The main object of the society is to undertake activities for all around development of the rural people.
    XLV) To do Advocacy role and championing the cause of the rural poor in the national and international forums with due recognition from the govt.
    XLVI) To work for Networking with the state level and National level Rural NGO and articulating their hopes and aspirations and build up partnership alliances.
    XLVII) To identify and work in close contract and cooperation with the international Rural NGO Fora on appropriate lines for the benefit of the country specially the rural population of India. 
    XLVIII) To assist and help the NGO sector in capacity building through variegated HRD programs. 
    XLIX) Play an important pro-active role in regard to women empowerment programs in rural areas to enable them to realize their full potential and participate in all development activities.
    L) The society will work hard to create awareness amongst rural people and provide a series of escort services to them through the NGOs on matters relating to intellectual property right (IPR) issue in the context of WTO and assist them by protecting their knowledge base, time honored inherent and patent rights and all matters connected their with.
    LI) To work hard in close coordination with Gangotri (Previously CAPART) for rural upliftment.
    LII) To start and construct B.Ed Colleges, MBA, MCA colleges, Arts Colleges, Dental Mechanics, Dental Hygienist Course, MBBS Medical colleges, Nursing colleges, GNM, ANM, B.Sc. & M.Sc Nursing and Post graduate courses in Dental sciences.
    LIII) TO purchase Sell agriculture land, urban & rural properties for the achievement of aims objects of the society
    (LIV) To start Degree colleges, Law colleges, B.Ed colleges, M.Ed. colleges Fine arts colleges, BPEd colleges, children play Schools, senior secondary schools, and Management schools.
    (LV) To start MDS in Dental subjects, M.Sc. in nursing subjects.

  1. The society will accept any request, gift or donation whatsoever whether of money or of property of any description and to apply the same or the proceeds thereof for the purpose of the society.

  2. The society will collect and receive donation grants, subsides and obtain money or loan without interest for the object of the society on the lawful manner and to apply or deal with the same in such a manner as may be considered the most desirable 

  3. To acquire by gift, hold, purpose, take on lease or otherwise lands and all other moveable or immovable property which the society, for the purpose may from time to time, think proper.

  4. The society is at liberty to sell, improve manage, drop, exchange, lease or let under lease, subject mortgage, dispose off turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the society.

  5. The society is empowered to construct upon any premises, acquired for the purpose of the society to alter and to remove any building upon which premises.

  6. To Borrow of raise any money required for the purpose of the society upon which terms and in such manner and on such securities as may be determined from time to time in particular by mortgage, exchange or lien on the society's property.

  7. To apply to negotiate with on aim to receive grants, concession, recognition and properties, monies, from Central Govt. or any other state Govt. in India, University Grants Commission and any other local or other Authority such as Municipalities Corporation, block Samities, Zila Parishad, Market Committee, other co-operative bodies, Society and department, branches of office of such Government's authorities, bodies or Society etc. from different state of India.

  8. To draw, make accept endorse and execute the promissory notes bills of exchange, cheques and other negotiable instruments.

  9. To do all such other things, as are incidental and conductive to the attainment of above objects or any of them.

  10. The society by the constitution is required to apply its income or other profits if any, only in promoting the object

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